1. What is Graphology/Handwriting Analysis?
    Ans. It’s the analysis of one’s personality through his handwriting scientifically.The evaluation is done from your overall writing patten or traits or both.
  2. What can you tell me from my handwriting analysis?
    Ans. Your Handwriting Analysis reflect your conscious and subconscious mind.Your likes/dislikes,aptitude, emotions handling,social behavior,thinking style,fears,physical drives, success factors,ethics & much more..
  3. How does this analysis works?/How can you tell all these things from my writing?
    Ans. Everybody has the unique brain. Handwriting is a brain-writing. Your each personality trait has specific neurological pattern in the brain.This pattern/signal is transmitted through neuro-muscular movements on the paper. Handwriting Analyst interprets that corresponding personality trait from your handwriting.
  4. My writing changes as per my mood. So my Handwriting-Analysis will be different always?
    Ans. Mood is nothing but your emotional response. When your mood gets changed ,very few writing strokes will be temporarily changed .But the other writing strokes related to your basic personality will remain unchanged.
  5. I am a left –handed person. Can you analyze my handwriting also like others?
    Ans. Again Handwriting is a brain-writing.Here your brain signals are transmitted through left hand instead of right hand.So the analysis remains same.Even the person who writes with mouth or foot reveals the same personality traits.
  6. Can you tell my personality from my Signature?
    Ans. Partially.Your signature is your public image.It reflects how you wants to be among your society.As signature contains very few letters of your handwriting it can not reveal your complete personality.
  7. What is Grapho-Therapy?
    Ans. It’s the corrective measure taken after Handwriting analysis. Behavioral patterns are changed through repetitive change in the writing strokes.These neuro muscular movements creates new neuro-pathway leading to a modified personality trait.